Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Recipe: 3 ingredients peanut butter cookies.

WOW. It has been a while since i last blogged. Haha it's crazy! I've always wanted to keep this blog up and running but i figured, i'd just do it whenever i feel like it. Like today.

I was bored. I decided to bake since i already have all the ingredients.

Yup! You read right. It does say THREE ingredients peanut butter cookie, and you don't have to buy anything extra cause if you're like me, you'd probably already have all these ingredients lying around in the kitchen or the pantry.

I know. It seems too good to be true. When i first stumble upon the recipe on, i was a little bit skeptical. I went on youtube and searched for this recipe and surprisingly, a lot of people have done it. Including two of my favourite Australian chefs, Nicko's Kitchen and OnePotChef Show.

So, i think this is one of those things where you have to try for yourself to see if it works, so i decided to try it.

All you need are:
1) 1 large egg
2) 1 cup of caster sugar / brown sugar
3) 1 cup of peanut butter (creamy or chunky, but i prefer creamy :P)

Well what do you need to do?

Of course, preheat your oven on a 180 degrees Celsius and let that baby go. All you have to do with the ingredients is mix them up. Forget about creaming the sugar and the egg or worrying if the sugar and egg would mix together or something. It will. Just mix all those three ingredient together, and go crazy.

A head's up though, i do not recommend you using a whisk for it because it won't work. I tried using a whisk thinking that it would be a wet batter, but the dough just clump up in the whisk. SUCKS. So just use a wooden spoon or a spatula.

It will look like a thick dough. Once you get that, you just take as little or as much as you want and roll it up into a ball. Put it on a parchment paper on a cookie sheet and then press the ball with a fork. Or you can just shape them up, either way.

Umm, you can add chocolate chips in them, or nuts would be nice. But if you want nuts, i'd suggest just use the crunchy peanut butter.

After you're done with the cookie dough, you just put the babies in the preheated oven for about 10-15 mins, depending on the size. I put mine in for 15 minutes. I did small balls so i got about 32 little cookies. So you can do as small or as big as you want.

Also another warning, do not touch the cookies when you just got them out of the oven cause it will fall apart. It's so terribly soft, it's not even funny. You just gotta let the cookies sit for about 10 minutes for it to cool down and it will firm up.

Do not expect it to be crunchy though, cause it's really chewy. It's like those Subway cookies. I like them, a lot. Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

I am not crazy over them, but i do like it. I think it would be nice with a nice cup of tea or a cup of cold milk. It's not so sweet, so it's not so bad and you could definitely taste the peanut butter.

Hope you all try it! And tell me if it works for you guys and if you guys like it. Have fun!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What he did when Aunt Flow visited.

I am honestly not writing this because i'm trying to be boastful, but I am just really grateful that my boyfriend is understanding during that time of the month.

I don't meet my boyfriend as often as i would love to, cause you all know that i'm in a long distance relationship with Vincent. Usually whenever I get my menses whenever we're not together, I would tell him.

I know most guys would rather not know about when girls are having their period because "it's gross" and stuff like that. Of course, married men are probably used to these talks.

To get to the point, I would tell him when i'm having my menses because he asks me to. During that time, he's very sensitive towards my feelings.

A lot of people know that when it's almost that time of the month for me, i get really depressed. I over think things, and i cry at the smallest things.

I would cry watching Toy Story 3, no kidding.

Vincent gets really sensitive with my feelings so he'd watch what he would say to me cause i get really emotional. I would feel insecure too so he would always re-assure me whenever i need it, and would always be there even though he gets tired from work.

I appreciate all that, i really really do.

So a few weeks ago, i was in New Zealand visiting Vincent and his family. Sucks for me, i had my menses the first week i was there.

I could still remember the date cause it was one day before his friend's wedding. 

28th September 2012, Friday.

I woke up in the morning, and i was annoyed at EVERYTHING. Even when he was just tickling me or play fights with me, i would have this annoyed look on my face. We had breakfast and then we watched some Supernatural in bed. I wasn't having stomach cramps then, but i was just really annoyed at every single thing.

He got me tea and all while we're watching movies.

It was almost lunch time, late afternoon, that i started feeling my stomach cramping up. So i warned him that i might be getting my senses soon, could be that day or the night.

We drove somewhere, i think to have lunch and then we went to Pak'n'Save to get A LOT of different flavoured chocolates and candy. Drove back home and i checked and confirmed that Aunt Flow was visiting.

I get REALLY bad cramps when i get my menses. My back would hurt and my joints would feel like they're all so weak. My tummy would feel like someone's actually doing an autopsy in there or just stab me in the stomach with a gutter and keeps moving the gutter around in my tummy.

Those who get cramps should know the pain i am talking about.

He got me tea, my mountains of chocolates and candy, turned on Little Mermaid on his pc and cuddled in bed with me. 

I know right, so sweet! He sacrificed his manly credibility to watch Little Mermaid with me. How touching is that!?

He also got me this heat pack for my tummy to make me feel better. He went back and forth from the room to the kitchen and back again just to reheat my heat pack.

I felt so loved. Seriously. I really thank him for taking care of me. I honestly can't believe how caring and loving a man can be when it comes to this.

I am talking about this because i miss him, and i think my menses is coming soon and i will be asking him to take care of me but he can't because he's in New Zealand. This is making me cry.

Honeyyyy, please come back and take care of me. :( 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Product rave #2: Dr Jart+ Detox Healing Blemish Base

Disclaimer: I am in no way or another associated with the company or brand mentioned in this blog post. Item featured is given to me as a sample from a company i paid to have delivered to me every month. I am not being paid for the product place and views on product are of my own.

I am very particular with what i put on my face. I used to be very lax about it and there are products that worked and some that made my face worse. 

The thing about facial product is that, you really have to keep using it to know if it works for you or not. And most of the time, the thing doesn't work well on its own. It really is the type of skin care routine you use and such. 

I don't use foundation. I have not found a foundation that i really LOVE. I have tried a couple but i don't know why, I always tend to find something wrong with them. So, if you guys have a good foundation that you all can recommend me, do leave me a comment or just @ArynneVengeance me on Twitter. 

Okay, i don't use foundation, but instead i use BB creams. I have tried A LOT of BB cream, mostly drug stores ones. I have tried a really expensive BB cream before, Laroche Porsay  or something like that. It was great for a couple of weeks, and then after while, i noticed my skin gets REALLY oily in the middle of the day. 

I tried Maybelline and L'Oreal, but they're still the same. 

When i first got this product, i was a little bit skeptical but i gave it a try anyway. 

I liked it the first time i tried it but i didn't want to get my hopes up since there is such a thing as "first try syndrome" where you LOVE everything that you try the first time. Well, i have that. 

I have using Dr Jart's BB cream for about 5 months now, since January, and i am repurchasing it once i ran out of it. That's also the good thing about this product, it lasts FOREVER. It's almost 6 months and i use it every single day, but i still have some left. AWESOME, MUCH?! YES.

The product claims to covers redness and trouble spots, evens out your skin and whitens. It's also moisturizing and has SPF 25.

I do agree cause i still have red spots once in a while during that time of the month, and it covers all my red spots. I wouldn't say it has a heavy coverage but i don't have to wear a lot of concealer anymore. Just a few dabs.

I am not really sure if it evens out my skin tone and whitens it because i do use other products that claimed to do the same thing, but with it having SPF 25, i don't have to worry so much with the sun burning me! But it could be though, cause all i had on in Pangkor when i was having my holiday in March, was this BB cream and i didn't tan one bit.

It leaves my skin really dewy and my make up stayed the whole day when i use this BB cream cause it's also acts as a base.

I don't know what to say, but i really like it. I have to say though, people with oily skin might want to use this sparingly, because this product is REALLY moisturizing and i know some people with oily skin who doesn't really work well with this product.

It's all up to each individual though, but for me, i'd give it two thumbs up! 

Happy One year to me.

Happy one year to me.

Haha, well, not really one year. It's been a little over a year since i joined the customer service frontline. I joined NLB on 30th May 2011.

I could still remember the first day i get to work.

I had to, of course, go to the headquarters which is at Victoria Street for the usual orientation. Yada yada, met some new people and yeah, pretty much just a briefing. I then had to go to my branch, Jurong Regional Library for my first day.

So i got to work and was introduced to everyone. People were friendly, well, i guess they all are to the new people. What i noticed though, is that, the office is not as warm. There's no life. I remembered thinking, "oh my god, what have i gotten myself into?".

People should know me, i'm pretty loud and i'm a noisy person. It's a little bit dead on my first day, i have to admit that.

I remembered my pc wasn't even set up yet, even though i was actually scheduled to come in to work one week early. So, i pretty much just walked around the library, making myself familiar with the workflow and stuff. I even had to read pages after pages after pages of policies. I literally went cross eyed. I had to do that for 3 days.

Then, i get to follow people around the library, looking at all the things they do. I felt so excited that i couldn't wait to be one my own.

It was so exhilarating when i FINALLY get to do counter alone. Even though i didn't know much at that time, everyone was so willing to teach.

I really really love this job. There is so much to learn even though i've already been in the company for a year. So many different experiences to take. So many personalities that i can meet. It's weird, cause i never wanted to work in the customer service sector.

Being deskbound for one and a half year, i guess, there's no harm trying something i don't like. I did not regret it one bit cause as it turns out, i absolutely love being around people.

The job do get so stressful at times, but i don't know what it is that makes me want to come to work every single day. Of course, there are times when i just wanna laze at home and not be anywhere near people, but it's so fulfilling.

It's just very nice to feel appreciated once in a while. I never thought i would appreciate the word "thank you" as much as i have now. It's rewarding to hear someone say your name just to thank you.

I love it!

I have to admit, i used to be a bad customer. I was demanding, i was very very impatient and stuff, but i now  know how hard they work. Shit, i have my fair share of demanding customers, and i have to keep my cool even though all i want to do is strangle them with a freaking wire.

It's all part and parcel of work though.  I did not regret it one bit. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Recipe #1: Home made chicken nugget.

So here's the thing, i like cooking. You all know that i like cooking. I don't usually have dinner parties but i do cook for my family and friends sometimes. If we ever have an event or whenever i feel like it. Haha

Whether it's good or not, you have to ask them yourselves, but no one have COMPLAINED before. They just tell me what can be added to make it nicer, but i think if all the important people likes it, i don't mind.

I mean, of course, i am not a chef so i won't have hotel food standards. DUH, so don't expect it to be that way.

Anyway, i was bored the other day and decided to cook so i told my mum to get me some boneless chicken breasts and potato chips.

That's basically all you need for this recipe, really. It's pretty simple but i'm just posting this "recipe" anyway so i would have something to blog about. Haha

What you need:
Boneless chicken breasts
Potato chips
Plain flour

and some spices if you want to add more oomph to this nugget.

So first thing we do, is of course, clean the chicken. Get rid of the skin and the extra white fatty parts at the sides of the breasts. Then the chicken breasts into cubes. This will have to depend on how big or small you want your nuggets to be. It's your choice, you don't even have to cut it, so it'd be chicken cutlet instead.

So once you have cut and wash your chicken, pat the pieces with a paper towel so it's not soaking wet.

Get your assembly line ready and put your plain flour in a plate, beat your eggs up. This is where the potato chips come in. You can get whatever flavours you want, but i use Hot and Spicy flavour. You can use sour cream, black pepper and all that jazz.

You get your potato chips and just crush them up, kinda like a breadcrumb consistency. So, not too fine and not too chunky.

What you do next is just, take your chicken chunks and coat them lightly in the plain flour, dip them in the egg and then coat it in the potato chips. I did them one chicken chunk at a time, but do whatever you think is easiest.

You can then fry them up or oven bake them and serve them with sour cream or Thai chilli or just home made sambal. It's pretty good.

Well, i liked it. Haha and my mum liked it so yay! So if you guys try it, tell me how it goes and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Product rave #1

Disclaimer: I am in no way or another associated with the company or brand mentioned in this blog post. Item featured is bought using my own money and i am not being paid for the product placement and views on product are of my own.

This post is way overdue. I have been meaning to do one for the longest time, but as usual, i haven't get to it. So today, since i'm on a roll and catching up on my blogging, i might as well just do it and get it over with.

Everybody knows that i have had problems with my skin. It's just break outs after break outs after break outs. Just when i thought it would get better, new break outs will come.

I'm sure you all remember since all i ever do is vent about it on Twitter.

I have combination skin, but mostly it's dry. The outer layer of my skin is dry and the layer under my skin tends to be oily, so that's how most of my pores get blocked.

Obviously i have been to a dermatologist before and he prescribed me to "Doxycycline". It's good, i won't deny it and i also liked the whitening cream the doctor gave me. It worked well the first time.

I was on Doxycycline for 5 months, before my skin started clearing up, also with the help of the whitening cream.

After that, i stopped using both for a while, cause the doctor told me that i don't need to be on those pills anymore. I was happy with my skin for a while, as you all know. It was clear for one and a half years.

And then it started again. I don't why, but for no rhyme or reason, i started getting break outs again. Doctor said it has got something to do with a new work place, so he put me back on the pills and cream.

The pills worked fine, the cream however gave me skin allergies.

My face got really red and it burns after the 3rd day of using it. I thought it was okay, cause it used to burn before it got better. My skin started getting REALLY dry, and then it started peeling. The second week, it got really really itchy and then it got really swollen.

I have blisters everywhere. My cheeks, my lips, and everything. It was a nightmare, it really was.

I am in the customer service line, so i get really vain sometimes. With that allergy, i was almost dreading being on counter every single day.

I went to the doctor and he gave me this skin allergy cream and it got better after the 3rd day. I was seriously relieved beyond belief. It was the "holy grail" moment. Haha

So after knowing i had skin allergies, i stopped using all those fragrance stuff and went back to using The Body Shop's "Tea Tree Oil' skin care rage, which have helped me a lot.

After a while, my skin started peeling again and Kak Yanny (my cousin) told me to try to use Aloe Vera gel.

I have heard about Aloe Vera gel having skin repairing qualities but i was too afraid to try anything else after that ordeal i had to go through. With much persuading, i decided to try.

It was the best damn decision of my life.

The product is "Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel". You can get it at Watson's or Guardian for around $19 or so. It is a little bit expensive but it's 120ml and it last so long. You just need to squeeze like a 10 cent coin size on your fingers and just use it as normal moisturizers.

This product is 99% Aloe Vera, and the other 1% is just water, so you know that this is natural product. The good thing about this product is that it has a lot of uses. I used it to treat Vincent's sun burnt and it disappeared in just 3 days, with constant application.

It treats rashes and ulcers too, i've tried. Stretch marks, i haven't tried yet but i just might.

I used to use this Aloe Vera gel at night, after i have cleansed and toned my face. I used nothing else but this Aloe Vera gel.  I used my Tea Tree Oil moisturizer in the morning if i have to go out somewhere and wear make up, but if i'm at home, i just use the Aloe Vera gel and nothing else. Like, i am not kidding.

My skin started becoming really smooth, and all the scars started to fade away. My skin had visible change by the second week, and i started getting compliments for my skin. It's not perfect in any way, it was just better than what it was.

My complexion got brighter, and my skin got really smooth and supple. It was awesome. I used it for a whole year before changing into something else.

But that product will be in another blog post.

I know it makes no sense to talk about my skin, but i feel like i should share this cause i know a lot of people who are stressing about their skin, so i really hope you guys at least give this a try for a month. Or until you finish up the bottle. You won't regret it. I didn't. 

Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel: "My skin is not perfect but it's much better"- Arynne

1st May 2012, Tuesday

Well, first up, happy labour day everyone.

While you guys were enjoying yourselves at home or with family, i had to be at work.

No, no, library is closed on public holidays, but we do have holiday duties. If we don't, then you guys will have fines for sure.

So, if you think working in the library is just sitting around and looking for books, then i think you guys should walk a mile in our shoes.

There are so many back end tasks that need to be done. Sure, it's one of those jobs where you ask yourself, "what do they actually do?". Well, my friend... LOADS!

It's like teachers.

All they seem to do is just teach and mark papers. But if you know what goes in behind the scene, well, you guys might not think that way again. Well, i hope so.

We do a lot of liaising with schools, companies and other ministries. We have to be all rounded. Gotta know the collection, gotta know the system and all that jazz.

I like working in the library though. I learnt a lot in my one year in the library, and i know i have a lot more to learn.

I think it's just in me.. STUDYING. Or learning in general. Gaining knowledge. It intrigues me, weird, right?

Also, i miss Vincent, so keeping myself busy is CRUCIAL. Okay, enough about Vincent. I will try to blog once in a while.

Take care, all!